Protection for the phone

45 € 

Protection for the phone – small functional corrector with big possibilities! 

Users of mobile phones are often complaining about headache, dizzy feeling, sickness, decrease of eye-sight and audibility as well as skin irritations. 

Scientists arrived to the conclusion that mobile phones increase arterial pressure and a long term usage can result in a serious dysfunction of kidney and blood circulation. The electromagnetic waves have an even greater influence on brain cells while using the phone for calls. This can lead to a degradation of the ability to memorize, pay attention or concentrate. 

Protection for the phone

– protects the organism against electromagnetic waves

– corrects functional condition of the organism

– counteracts various influences of negative energetic information

– harmonizes the surrounding space 

The protections for the phone contains a range of cosmoenergetic channels to widen the consciousness. Channels, which first of all are able to neutralize the aggregation (clump together) of red blood cells and and therefor to uphold their physiological function during the usage of a phone. 

The protection should not only be stuck to the mobile phone case, but also on every other technical device which produces electromagnetic waves, like wireless house phones or wifi-router.