Price: 115 € 

FSC “LIBERATOR” is aimed at cleaning energy centers and restoring an adequate level of personal energy.

  • Helps to cleanse the energy space and human biofield from unauthorized energy-information intrusions of any order, from external programs and self-destructive negative programs

  • It activates the work of all energy centers, building a personal program of harmonious living of the current moment in a state of awareness

  • Contributes to the regulation of detoxification function of the body, the removal of intoxication, includingenergetic, stimulates gastrointestinal motility

  • It has a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic effect in the presence of an inflammatory process in various organ systems (bronchopulmonary, ENT, urinary, reproductive)

  • It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Aims to replenish and restore sufficient levels of personal energy

  • For each user individually on a subtle plane erases all unnecessary information from energy centers.

FSC "LIBERATOR" is shown:

  • In the presence of hidden or obvious health problems, the absence of a diagnosis, constant ailments, increased irritability and causeless aggression, increased fatigue

  • As a preventive means of purification and recovery after being in society, especially in places of large crowds, the presence of "well-wishers"

  • In complex therapy for any inflammatory process in different organs and systems

Recommendations for the use of FSC “RELEASER”:

Compatible for working with any previously issued FSC, especially with No. 2 “DETOX”, No. 20 “CLEANING”, “SPRING OF LAM”, “SPRING OF SHAMBALA”, “POWERFUL WATER”, “KEY FOR HEALTH”, “KEY FOR HEALTH-2”, "SACRED CAVE"

Apply as a means of first prevention of recovery after returning from society

Wear, pump, drink structured water, use baths, do wipes

At the FSC "LIBERATOR" the polarization of the spring from Oryol woodlands of the Oryol region is registered.

The time of water structuring at FSC “RELEASED” is 1 hour.