Any FSC: € 105 

FSC bracelet is a stylish accessory, a striking combination of convenience, personality, relevance, functionality, efficiency and directional impact that the bracelet has on its user according to the topics written on it. 
The wrist is the narrowest place where the important blood arteries and energy points are located, which are responsible for the work of the organs of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems. And the local energy-informational effect on this part of the hand has a particularly effective effect on the human body as a whole: health and the level of its energy, because according to information medicine, the human body is not only a physical body, but also energy centers, meridians and a biofield.

  • Each FSC bracelet consists of 8 elements - 2 elements of each type (theme)

  • All 8 elements harmoniously complement and enhance each other's action.

  • They have a mild systemic effect on the body.

  • Convenient and safe to use.

Guidelines for the use of FSC bracelets

  • FSC bracelets can be worn on the wrist or around the ankles of the feet (depending on the type of bracelet) constantly or as needed, depending on the solution of your particular tasks.

  • Men are recommended to wear a FSC bracelet on their right hand / left foot, and Women - on their left hand / right foot. FSC bracelets can be worn on both arms / legs alternately.

  • It is allowed to wear different bracelets at the same time on different arms / legs in any combination. It is recommended to monitor the body's response to the effects of the applied combination of FSC bracelets.

  • It is recommended to remove bracelets at night (especially FITNESS).

  • Using FSC bracelets, you can structure water and other liquids by placing a glass of water in a closed bracelet.

  • It is recommended to drink several glasses of structured water, based on WHO recommendations - 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day, not counting other drinks.

  • In order to increase the period of use of FSC bracelets, a sharp change in the temperature regime is not recommended.

  • It is strictly forbidden to open and disassemble the FSC bracelet into its component parts / individual plates.

  • FSC bracelets must be removed before taking water procedures.

  • The life of FSC bracelets is at least 1 year, subject to the rules of this manual. But it is practically limited only by the shelf life of the materials from which the bracelet is created, therefore it can last a long time.