Harmonization of women’s endocrine system, gentle fat burner. Ensures normal substitution of the fat tissue with the muscular one. Good for thyroid gland problems. Information for solving such problems as mastopathy, myoma, fibroma is recorded on it. More to it: numbers 3 and 4 convert bad cholesterol into a good one. Normalizes hormonal background. Has anti-cellulite effect.

Composition FCS no 3:

  • Salmon DNA sample, which stimulates the female endocrine
  • Jerusalem artichoke normalizes pancreas diabetes where
  • Kudin (Chinese tea, alpine plantations) polarization, restores the metabolism
  • Ginger (fat burning)
  • Pineapple (fat burning)
  • Caucasian hellebore (fat burning)
  • Dragon fruit (Thai fat loss)
  • 1 anti-cellulite – fat loss under the skin Complex
  • anticellulitis 2 – complex internal fat burning
  • Cosmetic tee
  • Relaxants – complex cell regeneration
  • Thistle (against psycho-pathogenic effects)

FSC no 3. Harmonization of women