Basic FSC, if one wants to take only one FSC – it is the one to start with. Supporting excretion process. Relievespain. Good for liver and kidneys. Normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, decreases blood pressure. Supports immunity, regulates metabolism. It is recommended to use both 1 and 2 in pair, see “FSC implementation”. No. 2 FSC from these vibrations are polarized in the natural forms:

  • Resin (sap conifers)
  • 20 types of herbal concentrates (increasing immunity and metabolism restoring)
  • 8 Amaranth leaves, flowers, oil)
  • Noni
  • Kudin
  • Family
  • 8 kelp seaweed
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • 8 Ilets ancient salt sea salt)
  • Siberian honey bee balm and wild Siberian herbs and thyroid diseases for prevention of cancer
  • Siberian balm , honey of wild bees welfare

FSC no 2. Detox