Reinforces regeneration processes in bones and other tissues. Good for articular liquor restoration, joints, spinal column lining.  Slowly capsulate and disbands hernias on the spinal column. Restores aura and chakrasystem. Helps with colds, reliving depression, toxin deducing, liver and gastro-intestinal tract functions restoration. Helps out of coma and faint.

On the pale found:
Minerals polarizations:
pink quartz
Plants polarizations:

Use for:

It helps to restore the joints
It help the bone tissue healing
the spine healing
It promotes the normalization of bone marrow
Restore the spinal cord
It facilitates absorption of osteophytes
It promotes normal metabolism
Strengthening the muscles
Clean up your spine
Absorption of salt deposits
improvement in blood
It helps straightening the spine
assists fingers, legs, bones absorption in salt deposits
It helps the spinal healing
with the rapid recovery from coma
stones in the body helps in lifting and gentle departure

FSC no 10. The Healthy Joints