Biofield - this is what a person carries into the Universe, his lifestyle, emotions and feelings. From a scientific point of view, a biofield is a set of physical rays, including electromagnetic radiation. Due to the influence of negative environmental factors, destructive thoughts and influences, it can be damaged, its structure is broken, an imbalance is observed. This can harm a person and trigger a chain of health problems and failures in all areas of life. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from negativity with the help of the FSC bracelet “FORCE OF LIGHT” - a reliable shield against unauthorized intrusions into a person’s energy field. This is an opportunity to be free to make decisions and implement your life plan.

The action of the FSC bracelet "THE POWER OF LIGHT":

  • It contributes to the diagnosis and destruction of energy-informational effects of different levels on people, objects, clothes and premises
  • Helps to eliminate the effects of various methods of withdrawing vital energy (directed exposure to unauthorized persons and objects; actions and thoughts directed against oneself)
  • It is aimed at the destruction of negative energy bindings and "anchors" of any originIt contributes to the leveling of any unauthorized energy-information impacts, the establishment of a protective energy shell around the biofield
  • It has a mirror effect "point of return", aimed at returning to the original source of its negative impact, unfriendly thoughts
  • It has a general anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, contributes to the prevention and correction of various diseases of organs and systems
  • Helps strengthen and maintain immunity, faster recovery from illness and recovery from surgery
  • It is aimed at rejuvenation and reduction of biological age

FSC-bracelet "THE POWER OF LIGHT" - the keeper, friend and protector of any evil thoughts! With a bracelet you will be confident in your desires, thoughts, deeds and will without any hindrance bear personal responsibility for your life!