• Aimed at removing unauthorized information intrusions and programs of a higher level of exposure than already known and existing
  • Contributes to the creation and development of a powerful personal bioenergy field protectionIt contributes to the awakening and activation of the center of consciousness to control the energy state of the individual and the whole energy structure of a person
  • It is aimed at preventing the occurrence of psychosomatic, and, as a result, physical diseases of any order
  • Helps protect against energy-informational defeats directed both at ourselves (auto-aggression) and against other people in case of conflictIt helps to stay in a state of emotional and energy balance between the material and spiritual components, harmonizes the perception of all areas of life through positive attitudes
  • It is aimed at forming the inner core of the personality, gaining the opportunity to have and openly express one's own independent point of view, the ability to protect one’s views and interests from other people's imposed opinions, stereotypes of thinking and manipulation (on guilt, duty, etc. destructive manifestations of influences)
  • Promotes the harmonious development and work of both hemispheres of the brain, which ensures the full-fledged work of analytical and creative thinking, coordination and development of physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional intelligence
  • It translates into a state of inner comfort, plunges into a feeling of unity of the inner and outer world and deep connection with them;contributes to the transformation of the perception of negative life situations into a useful life experience
  • It is aimed at strengthening the body's defenses, increasing and maintaining immunity in chronic and long-term diseases, during seasonal epidemics
  • Effective in vegetovascular dystonia, a state of weakness, drowsiness, a feeling of fatigue and loss of strength, with increased emotional and mental stress
  • Promotes powerful correction and prevention of various diseases of the bronchopulmonary, cardiovascular, nervous systems

FSC "GOBI GOLD" is shown:

  • In the presence of unidentified (not diagnosed), including long-term chronic diseases, for recovery and rehabilitation after surgery
  • During the period of seasonal diseases to strengthen immunityIn the presence of severe psychological stress and difficult life situations
  • For conducting meditative and breathing practices, yoga, martial arts

At the FSC “GOBI GOLD”, the polarization of 4 sources from the Gobi desert (Mongolia) is registered.

The time of water structuring at FSC “GOBI GOLD” is at least 7 hours.