• Helps processes aimed at the spiritual evolution of man and his transition to a new energy level of communication with the Universe
  • Promotes a powerful spiritual transformation within the framework of this physical body, purification and updating of the programs of the past (different stages of the evolution of the soul)
  • It leads to a symbolic rebirth and the living of a new soul life within the framework of this embodiment
  • It helps to know and improve one’s spiritual heart, to realize and accept oneself as an essential part of the Universe, to connect to a higher information field
  • Fills a person with the energies of love in all its manifestations, the vibrations of goodness, compassion, tranquility, pacification
  • Contributes to the reflection and elimination of negative unauthorized energy-information impacts of any level and origin
  • Promotes the creation of a powerful system of support and protection of the energy field and all human bodies
  • Helps protect against the manifestations of verbal, emotional and psychological violence of people with lower vibrations
  • Promotes the development of intuition, the opening of clarity in oneself, the selection and adoption of the path of spiritual self-development
  • Helps to defeat their internal “demons", remove possible psychological obstacles to achieving goals, helps fulfill dreams

FSC “GREEN TARA KAILAS ” is necessary for everyone who:

  • He is engaged in various practices for the spiritual development of the individual, looking for his own path and destiny in life.It seeks to harmonize its energy space and environment, create an atmosphere of love and prosperityIt is in society, especially in the presence of conflict or controversial situationsHe wants to determine the causes of stagnation in different areas of life and eliminate them

Recommendations on the use of FSC “GREEN TARA KAILAS":

  • Drink water structured on FSC, do pumping, wear it when you are in societyUse in meditative practices, processes of conscious austerities of both psychological and physical plan (fasting, practicing silence, vows, etc.)
  • Joint application with FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAILAS”contributes to zeroing and a complete reload of existing programs of the past, access to a new energy level

At the FSC “GREEN TARA KAILAS” the polarization of water from a source located on the Green Tara Pass (Tibet, Kailas) is prescribed.

The time of water structuring at FSC “GREEN TARA KAILAS ”- at least 8.5 hours.