"Grace" ( al-Heb. חן , al-Greek χάρι лат , lat. Gratia ) is a gift of God and a divine action that changes a person’s heart, personification of joy, kindness, mercy, love.

FSC bracelet "GRACE" will give the user a sense of care, enter into a state of harmony, gain bodily and spiritual health, be filled with faith and strength of mind.

The action of the FSC bracelet "GRACE":

  • Promotes powerful healing - bodily and spiritual, removal of unauthorized energy influences and information programs
  • Helps relieve nervous tension, irritation, fatigue and more quickly exit stressful situations, depressions
  • Helps the user to be in a state of harmony, love, tranquility, peaceIt contributes to the harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres, the disclosure of creative and spiritual potential, increase the level of user vibration, the development of intuitive thinking and attitude
  • Helps to eliminate conflict situations in society, family, to reach a new level of communication from a position of acceptance, gratitude and lovePromotes the acquisition of an internal source of strength

FSC bracelet "GRACE" is your new source of inner strength, joy and love!