Good health, excellent memory, excellent working capacity and the ability to live a full and fulfilling life with pleasant events at any age are necessary for each of us, all our relatives and friends. And this contributes to the FSC bracelet “ACTIVATOR OF INTELLIGENCE” - a reliable assistant for those who are not going to stop there, are constantly developing and are able to achieve their goals. For those who study at a school or institute, they upgrade their qualifications or receive a second higher education. When conducting business, it is also important to have a clear mind and a bright head, so that creative ideas resonate and get the opportunity to be realized, bringing material profit, emotional pleasure and spiritual satisfaction.

The action of the FSC-bracelet "ACTIVATOR OF INTELLIGENCE":

  • It contributes to the prevention and correction of neurological diseases of various origins, helps to eliminate neurosis, anxiety, depression, depression and other manifestations of psycho-emotional imbalance
  • It helps to increase concentration, physical perseverance and concentration in the learning process
  • Helps to increase interest in learning, the perception of large amounts of information
  • It aims to harmonize the work of both cerebral hemispheres
  • Helps the identification and manifestation of creative abilities, the development of talentIt activates the spiritual principle, promotes the development of intuition, the expansion of consciousness through manifestations of acceptance, love and awareness
  • Helps to harmonize relations in society, between different generations - parents and children
  • Promotes the disbandment of programs laid down at the birth of a child
  • Helps to achieve an understanding of the deep essence of things, phenomena, laws of life
  • Promotes activation and harmonization of the work of all energy centers

FSC bracelet “ACTIVATOR OF INTELLIGENCE” is an effective help to intellectuals of all ages!May all your efforts in learning new things bear fruit, ideas come true, dreams become closer!