Functional State Corrector FSC Koltsov. Efficiency and effectiveness are scientifically proven, substantiated, confirmed by all necessary registration and certification documents, and most importantly, tested in practice.

We present to you an amazing discovery of Russian scientists - Corrector of the functional state (FSC). A group of scientists led by physicist S.V. Koltsov created this unique device. There are no analogues in the world!
The plate (
FSC) is activated by the Earth's magnetic field. It creates around itself a vortex magnetic field that protects a person from the outside.
The main goal of this plate is to normalize the work of all human systems and organs, to create mental, energy and physical harmony, to help the conception of healthy children (have excellently proven themselves in solving problems of infertility), to free oneself from destructive dependencies and to direct them on the path of active longevity.
Natural restoration of the organism occurs, first of all, due to the transfer of liquids like water(which carries informations) energized by the
FSC with a positive images of medicinal plants, cosmoenergetic channels, healing energies from the power places of Earth, recorded on the FSC to the organism.
Your body, for sure, is heavily polluted. Pollution in this case means the presence in it of those chemical and biological objects that the body does not need:
For example various chemicals leftovers after taking medicine;
are those artificial food additives that you ate with yogurt, sauces, sausages and other "long-lasting miracles" of the chemical-food industry:
These are the microorganisms that lived with great pleasure in you until the moment of using the
FSC and "stole" the vital forces, energy, and health.
We will not describe them, since even the very idea that they lived in you still is unpleasant.
All this chemical and biological "garbage" accumulated in the body, causes a variety of ailments, and we very often do not even suspect about it.
Correctors of a functional state are important for those who care about their health and want to prolong youth and active years for a long time, get rid of bad habits forever (for example, alcohol dependence), develope spiritually, as
FSC enhances the effectiveness of any spiritual practices.
Correctors will help to attract the "second half," to eliminate the programmed loneliness, and also to harmonize relations between different generations - parents and children.
In August of this year 2018, "
FSC" celebrates its 10th anniversary.
For 10 years of their existence, they literally "dragged" many people from severe diseases, chronic addictions (alcoholic, narcotic)
helped to resolve difficult life situations, from which there seemed to be no way out.
Every person is the creator of his destiny. So shape your destiny. Full of health, harmonious relations and fulfillment of your dreams for the good.
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We invite to cooperation doctors, masseurs, yoga trainers and spiritual practitioners, as well as all people.

Any FSC: € 95 

Functional State Corrector:

- Protects the organism from harmful electromagnetic radiation

- Changes the structure of water in order it carries healing and harmonizing functions for the human organism in it

- Corrects the function of organs in the human body

- Recreates the bio pole of a human

- Helps to activate a high social activity and to achieve personal goals


Advantages of FSC

- Its easy to use FSC because the adaptation to every human body is made automatically and no further installation are needed

- The power source of FSC is the magnetic pole of the earth and no reloading is need

- FSC is made by the principle: „Do not harm“

- It cam be used by all family members as well as for animals or plants

- Has a broad filed of usage: healing of the human organism, structuring of water, energetic protection

- It has a convenient size in order to carry it a the body in a bag or pocket

- It has no expiration date, so it can be used for centuries


Who can use FSC?

- Every person who cares about his own health, the well being of his family members and who wants to stay young in a mental and physical way

- Everybody who wants to be less ill, cure various sicknesses without taking heavy chemical medicine

- Everybody who wants to develop spiritually. FSC is an active support for meditation because it improves the level of human vibration

- Every person who wants to awake creativity and inventiveness, improve intellect, fasten the ability to learn and therefore to enrich the overall knowledge

- Everybody who has a high contact with other people on a physical and emotional base. FSC helps to save the own energetic level and to protect against various harmful energetic-informational influence